The latest trends in retail fitouts and how to incorporate them in your store

Scott Traynor

Scott Traynor

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It’s one of the most important aspects of any retail environment. It’s the first thing a shopper who enters your store will see. And it can dictate whether your store is successful… Or not.

What is it?

Your shop’s retail fit out.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the important trends in retail store design, in Australia and overseas. We’ll provide you with ideas, and hopefully inspiration, to improve your shop fitout and ensure your customers’ first impressions are positive and lasting.

7 trends in retail store design


Technology is a buzz word everywhere, so it should come as no surprise that it’s one of the trends in retail store design.

Technology, for retail fitouts and retail in general, is being used in a variety of ways. Here are some of the trends in technology, which you may consider for your store:

  • If your store sells fashion, one of the trends is interactive mirrors that allow shoppers to see what clothes would look like without trying them on. Some mirrors can also help with upselling, by suggesting other clothes that would go with the item the shopper is ‘trying on’.
  • Self-checkouts.
  • The use of artificial intelligence, which is becoming increasingly popular with some retailers.
  • Tablets and other touchscreens to help customers find products or find out more about products.

Keeping it natural

Retail environments and fitouts certainly aren’t natural, but the more natural tones, materials and light you can add, the better. Think of it as bringing the outside in, without the threat of sunburn and flies!  

You can add more natural elements to your retail fitout design by:

  • Using natural tones in your elements, such as paint colours, flooring and furniture.
  • Adding natural murals or artwork.
  • Incorporating as much natural light as possible, via larger windows or skylights.


Convenience is now king and anything you can do to increase convenience for your customers is likely to pay dividends.

In your store, this could be as simple as ensuring your most popular products are easy to find, point of service counters are clearly identifiable, furniture is provided for people to sit and relax, or baskets are available for customers at the store’s door.


If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that our retail stores need to be flexible and adaptive. The same goes for our fitouts.

Gone are the day when you could design and install a retail fitout and leave it for decades. These days, your fitout needs to be designed for flexibility, so you can adapt to future challenges and trends.


Sustainability is a hot topic in Australia and worldwide, and sustainability is also hot in retail shop fitouts. Consumers value brands that protect the environment and are doing their bit to reduce their impact on the globe.  

Here are just a few retail shop fitout ideas you could consider to improve your store’s sustainability:

  • Install energy efficient lighting.
  • Use eco-friendly materials in your store and fitout.
  • Add plants to your store’s design. Just make sure you choose the right plants and care for them.
  • Implement a recycling scheme for applicable products you sell or for any packaging.
  • Use second hand furniture in your retail shop fitout.

More openness

Retail fitouts that are more open are becoming more and more common. It’s less about complex layouts and a desire to fit more in, and more about minimalist designs and creating open spaces for people to browse.

This desire for more space in retail stores is simply a reflection of our society. Look at trends in home designs and the minimalistic approach prevails. Using a similar approach to your retail fitout can pay dividends for your business.

In your store, make sure your fitout is not about packing the shelves to the brink, or filling the entire store with as many products as possible. That’s not what customers want.

Incidentally, another reason to add more openness to your retail fitout is that space conveys value. In other words, the more space in your store, the higher a customer will perceive the value of the products.

Look at the retail fitout in any Gucci or Louis Vuitton retail store as good examples.

Social media

More and more retailers are creating focal points in their retail stores that can be used as the perfect backdrop for customer’s social media posts.

Having “Instagrammable” spots throughout your store increases the chances of customers returning to your store and provides free advertising.

To use in your store, add a mural, accent wall, inviting décor, installation or other backdrop to your fitout. Anything that will encourage people to stop, get out their phone, and start snapping and sharing away.

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Putting COVID-19 behind us

It’s wise to point out that knowing about the latest trends in retail fitouts and how to incorporate them in your store is perhaps now more important than ever before.

Retail stores are recovering from what was a tumultuous time in 2020 and 2021. Particularly so in those parts of Australia where lockdowns were common and all to regular.

But it’s not business as usual. While customers overall missed the in-store experience and are loving being amongst the bricks and mortar retail again, it’s clear that customers’ behaviour has changed.

Those retails stores that adapt to these changes will thrive going forwards and will continue to provide a quality experience for their customers.

Putting COVID-19 behind us

Recharge your store with Retail Recharge

Whether you have all the ideas to supercharge retail fitout, or you wouldn’t see a trend if you tripped over it, Retail Recharge can help.

As we say, “We can provide fresh ideas or execute your brilliant ones.” We can make sure the first thing customers see when they walk into your store is on-trend, elegant and aligns completely with your brand.

To discuss how we can help you, give us a call on +61 400 750 886 or contact us today.

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