Case Study

Warrnambool BP

retail shop merchandising shelves

The Challenge

The Warrnambool BP service station was one of a number of stations owned by Mathew Petroleum. It needed to become the statement location for the Mathew Petroleum group. Retail Recharge had the opportunity to make this a reality by optimising the location’s potential and supercharging its revenue. 

The Warrnambool BP service station needed to be a place that catered to everyone driving past, not just a spot to fill up a tank and go. The challenge would lie in providing a place that catered to the largest range of people possible – all while still delivering quality service and efficient processes.

The Solution

Retail Recharge took care of everything in order to create a state-of-the-art service station. We handled town planning, site assessment, surveying, site architectural planning, consultants’ management with traffic management, environmental, cultural heritage, landscaping… just to name a few. Ultimately, Conform Developments gave Mathews Petroleum peace of mind that every aspect of the transformation was thoroughly looked after. 

The Retail Recharge team transformed Warrnambool BP’s revenue streams. The service station was undergoing a redevelopment of its fuel pumps and outdoor services, and Retail Recharge had the opportunity to capitalise on the extra traffic these services were bringing through the doors.

Within 12 months, the Warrnambool BP was transformed. It’s now fixed with a drive-thru, commercial kitchen, service station amenities, laundry and a substantial level of seating and retail accessibility. A newly installed car canopy provides 8 multi-purpose pumps that allow 16 cars to fuel up simultaneously. Accompanying this is a truck canopy fixed with 3 high flow, multi-purpose pumps that allows 4 trucks to fuel up at the same time as well. 

Retail Recharge unlocked the retail potential of the service station. It now boasts substantial seating and retail accessibility, with service station amenities such as an updated hot food counter, laundry and modernised branding.

The Impact


Scott & Ryan worked with us on our BP Cobden renovation, and we continued the relationship with our Warrnambool Truck Stop. The site had been in the portfolio for a long time and the timing was right to develop the property. 

Scott & Ryan completed the Development Approval with Architectural plans, town planning, traffic engineering and made the development approval process efficient and smooth from our perspective. 

The project was completed through a Design & Construct contract that included Engineering, Construction, Store Fitout, Drive Through Fitout, Commercial Kitchen Design & Fitout, Truckers Lounge and Commercial Laundry. 

Our Warrnambool site is the biggest site in Warrnambool with 8 MPP Car Canopy and Truck Canopy with 3 High Flow to service our trucks and wholesale business. 

It’s a big site and was a big project that was completed during the pandemic and will be successful into the future. It has been a good investment and has added a large equity property to our portfolio.

Matthews Petroleum

David Matthews | Director