Case Study

Corio Metro Service Station

retail fitout new counters and shelving

The Challenge

The Corio Metro Service Station was struggling to generate sustainable growth.

With costs rising and profits shrinking, the future of Metro was looking uncertain. Pressure from investors meant that retail sales needed to increase, and more customers had to be entering the store.

After analysing competitors in the market, Metro’s owners knew they had to upgrade their offerings and enhance their customer experience. They weren’t feeling inspired by the existing store fitout and realised their customers felt the same.

To get a new perspective on how to give themselves the best chance of success, Metro engaged with our team at Retail Recharge.

The Solution

We love transforming shopfronts. Bringing new life to an outdated space is our area of expertise.   

After one look at the existing Corio Metro Service Station, we saw the huge potential for growth.

Retail Recharge identified innovative ways to upgrade the space that Metro hadn’t considered. The in-store experience was at the forefront of our planning. Our goal was to drive retail sales and influence buyer behaviour. We wanted customers to spend more time browsing in-store and buying more than just petrol. 

The new business model focussed on increasing food and drink offerings and in-store seating. Upgrades to the Metro Petite Café included Pie-Erific, Mr Whippy and Mr Slushie, giving customers more options than ever. 

We implemented a full remodel with a modern and sleek finish to entice new customers, promote repeat visits and solidify brand loyalty. This included renovation of internal, external, joinery, branding, cool rooms, and professionally presenting the Metro brand. With this makeover, we brought new life to the Metro brand and transformed the customer experience completely.

The Impact

The impact of our developments has been instrumental in Metro’s growth.

Reputation of the Metro brand has strengthened, and the property market value has reached new heights.

The new fitout and food offerings have driven the average purchase price generated by each customer entering the store, and repeat purchases are on the rise. With an upgraded store interior and contemporary design, Metro has a new reputation as a top performing service station chain.

We are proud to have brought such a positive outcome for the Corio Metro Service Station, with a substantial return on investment generated by the project.


Ryan & Scott have completed 6 store renovations to our Metro Service Stations. They have assisted with complete renovation of internal, external, joinery, branding, cool rooms and professionally presenting our Metro Brand. Our PetitCafé brand with Mr Whippy and Pie-Riffichave been implemented with great success and our stores are growing.

Metro Service Station

Johnny Dib | DIB Group